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Adarve’s Commercial Law Department advises his clients, Spaniards as well as foreigners, in all the matters related to Commercial and Corporate Law.

Adarve’s Commercial Law Department advises his clients, Spaniards as well as foreigners, in all the matters related to Commercial and Corporate Law.

Our commercial practice is composed by a group of experts specialised in advising the modern companies in each and every step of their social life, from the constitution of the company to the legal management of their corporate activities, and of course for any other specific operation such as mergers, purchases, due diligence, etc.

Corporate Law

The legal advice offered by Adarve includes all the legal problems linked with taxes and commercial matters that a company can have during its lifetime, starting with its association and the drawing up of its by-laws, then with the legal advice regarding the social body’s matters, the advisers’ and administrators’ responsibilities and more generally the observance of any type of formality related to Corporate Law aiming at the correct operation of the company from a legal point of view as well as for its daily life.

  • The aim of our advice is the optimisation of the corporate structure of the company so that there is a more efficient management, and subsequently costs are saved, and the maximum tax benefits are obtained.
  • Company constitution.
  • By- laws reforms.
  • Registries of the board.
  • Company restructurings.
  • Duties and responsibilities of the shareholders and the advisers.
  • Agreements between partners.

Commercial Contracting

Adarve advises its clients for the negotiation, design and execution of all kinds of commercial contracts or commercial agreements subject to national and foreign law:

  • Commercial contracts, agency, distribution, franchise and supply.
  • Licencies and outsourcing contracts.
  • Building-work, industry and turnkey contracts.
  • Personal and real securities constitution.
  • Association and collaboration contracts.
  • Advertising and sponsorship contracts.
  • Professional and industrial services rendering contracts.
  • Freight and logistics contracts.
  • Contracts and sub-contracts assignments.

Mergers and Adquisitions

Adarve has a wide experience in terms of companies purchase and selling, either through buying and purchasing shares or through mergers for take-overs, representing its domestic clients as well as the foreigners from different sectors.

  • CWe also advise our clients during group restructuring processes, oriented towards the optimisation of their share and financial capital.
  • Buying and selling companies (companies, branches of activities, assets).
  • MBO’s y LBO’s.
  • Corporate groups restructuring.
  • Venture capital.
  • Associative agreements.

DUE Diligence Legal

Adarve carries out a diagnosis of the audited entity that permits to get a complete view of its state on a legal point of view, detecting and evaluating any contingency existing in the company and advising on the preventive and corrective measures that have to be adopted.

  • Corporate and capital structures.
  • By- laws analysis.
  • Official books, records, proxies, and posts verification.
  • Registry and tax situation verification.
  • Management body structure analysis.
  • Annual accounts.
  • Contractual and commercial relationships.
  • Real-estate ownership verification and taxes.
  • Financial contracts analysis.
  • Lawsuits.
  • Licences and administrative authorisations.
  • Compliance with regulations relevant for the sector of activity.
  • Compliance with regulations on personal data protection.
  • Work and social security analysis.

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